A monument is a type of structure that was explicitly created to commemorate a person or important event, or which has become important to a social group as a
part of their remembrance of historic times or cultural heritage, or as an example of historic architecture. The term 'monument' is often applied to
buildings orstructures that are considered examples of important architectural and/or cultural heritage.


Sl. No. Name of Monuments / Sites as notified Locality Taluk/ District
1.  A banyan grove containing traces of ancient building Amavey Ballia
2.  Very extensive Ancient site consisting of ruined fort Bairant Chandauli
3.  Long mound Bairant Chandauli
4.  Large rectangular shaped mound Bairant Chandauli
5.  Small conical mound of ruins called Devi-ka-Sthan Bairant Chandauli
6.  Large mound of brick ruins Dhanapur Chandauli
7.  Old ruined Kot (fortress) Hetimpur Chandauli
8.  Khera or mound representing the ancient Sukalpura Sukalpura Chandauli
9. Three sites with megaliths on the western and north eastern toes of the hill Hathinia hill,
miles west
of Chakia
10. Enormous Mound known as Masaon-Dih Aonrihar Ghazipur
11. Bridge of the Gangi river Bhimapur Ghazipur
12.  Bhitari Gupta pillar with an inscription of Skanda Gupta standing in the ruined fort Bhitari Ghazipur
13.  Entire ruined fort enclosure with projecting tower at the corners and numerous mounds. Bhitari Ghazipur
14.  Remains of the Gupta period Bhitari Ghazipur
15.  Mound of ruins with remains of temples and other buildings Dildarnagar Ghazipur
16.  Dih or mound of ruins called Suiri-ka-Raj Parmeth Ghazipur
17. Lord Cornwallis tomb Ghazipur Ghazipur
18. Stone Lat or Pillar standing on the western end of a mound of brick ruins
and the capital of the pillar lying on the ground closely
Latiya Ghazipur
19. High Khera (mound) Masaondi Ghazipur
20.  Mound of ruins Masaondi Ghazipur
21.  Two statues representing Varah or the boar incarnation of Vishnu and
Krishna with Gopies (under worship)
Saidpur Ghazipur
22.  Extensive brick building Shaikhanpur Ghazipur
23.  Several caves in the precipitous sand stone cliff near the top of the hill Adhesar Mirzapur
24. Ruined stone fort of Latifapur Ahraura Mirzapur
25. Ruins of a Shiva Temple Ahugi Mirzapur
26.  Ruins of three small linga temple circa 1000 A.D. Ahugi Mirzapur
27. Mound known as Sangram Sahi ki Pahari Bhadeshar Mirzapur
28. Cave called Khoh containing two early Kutila inscriptions on the rock inside Bhuili Mirzapur
29. Inscribed pillar Bilkhara Mirzapur
30.  British Cemetery Chunar Mirzapur
31.  DurgaKhoh Chunar Mirzapur
32.  Iftekhar Khan’s Tomb Sarayan
33.  Inscribed Slab Halliya Mirzapur
34.  British Cemetery Mirzapur Mirzapur
35.  A Life sized female figure locally known as Sankatha Devi (under worship) Sheopur Mirzapur
36.  British Cemetery Sultanpur Mirzapur
37.  Fragments of sculptures, one of which is a Krishna Stambha lying on the
back of Ganga on a Chabutara at the Ramgaya Ghat
Vindhyachal Mirzapur
38.  Kantit Fort totally encroached Vindhyachal Mirzapur
39.  Kharasthi Devi, remains of a medieval temple (under worship) Vindhyachal Mirzapur
40.  Remains of a temple on an island in the bed of the river Ganga at Ramgaya
Ghat including two inscribed stones
Vindhyachal Mirzapur
41.  Bhandari Devi ka Pahar containing Asokan inscription Ahraura Khas Mirzapur
42. British Cemetery Gopiganj Sant Ravidas
43. Pakka Masonry Fort Vijaigarh Sonbhadra
44.  Ancient Buddhist site known as Chaukhandi stupa Ganj & Baraipur Varanasi
45.  Ancient Buddhist site of Sarnath including Dhamekh stupa, stupa of Jagat Singh,
the monastery of major Kittoe and all the monuments excavated by Mr. Oartal in 1904-05.
Baraipur, Khajuhi,
Khajuhi Ganj & Ghurahupur
46.  Cemetery Chaitganj Varanasi
47. Remains of a fine massive brick fort Chandrauti Varanasi
48. Closed cemetery Rajghat Varanasi
49. Tomb of Lal Khan Rajghat Varanasi
50.  The whole area to the east of the Buddhist site explored by the Archaeological
Department extending upto the limits of the tank/lake named Narokhar.
Also the area coloured on which erection of buildings etc. is
proposed to be restricted.
Sarnath Varanasi
51.  Grave of European Officers Shivala Varanasi
52.  Ancient mound Tilmapur Varanasi
53.  Dharahra Masjid Varanasi Varanasi
54. Lt. Col. Pogson’s tomb Varanasi Varanasi
55. Mutiny monuments Varanasi